Monday, June 28, 2010

What I thought I knew before the oil rig explosion !!

I thought that big oil companies had evolved into a responsible business. Taking precautions to ensure a safe environment so as not to lose public trust.

I thought the MMS was watching out for our interests, making sure the oil companies towed the line.

I thought the government had more control and expertise, pertaining to the oil field companies.

I thought the president had the power to invoke emergency decisions over catastrophic disasters.

I thought the Coast Guard was a responsible and modern arm of the Armed Forces.

                                             What I really knew ?
Very little it turns out.

I worked on the marine, supply side, of the oil field operations. Even back then when I was working in that capacity, everyone that was doing the actual work in the oil field, knew the lack of safety enforcement. Unless it was for the convenience of the oil company.

I knew the Jones Act, was antiquated, needing to brought up to date. I also knew that the majority of United States citizens had never heard of the Jones Act. Why would they? It normally only effects mariners.

I knew apathy had crept back into our mindset, it is a quiet form of a non existing concern, I saw it every where. When there was not a big out cry over the state of economy and the factors that caused it.
When the government was printing money, just to hand it over to big business. When laws were passed with disregard for the outcome or results for their passage. Every day in the news, people have been more concerned about the next "american idol" than they have for the well being of their livelihood and the state of the nation.

Now I know, I am just as much at fault as any one else. I hope I am learning to be more aware of what is going on with the government. I have learned that with just the click of the mouse I can be there watching, seeing for myself, on a daily basis what these elected officials are or are not doing.

What I thought before the oil rig explosion........What I know worlds apart.


  1. We were certainly not apathetic after 9/11. Everybody had been awakened. When you went out to eat at a restaurant, you were aware of everyone else. You looked them in the eye, and they looked you in the eye, because you were sharing this momentous event. After that, it's as though people resolved to go into an even deeper sleep than before.

  2. I too, trusted that the government was watching out for our environment. oops.


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