Thursday, December 3, 2009

Delton gets together a few close friends for a brainstorming session, a very diverse group, friends he has known for various reasons.

Dell, a lawyer that he went to school with. They have been friends since middle school and know how the other one thinks. Dell keeps Delton in line when he begins to stray.

James, a past business partner, from when Delton was building houses. The most trust worthy, when it came to business, that Delton had ever met, or knew.

Tommy, owner of several night clubs, knew the ins and outs, and was well informed on current government dealings. Delton relied on him for inside contacts, as Tommy had many, although they were not all to be trusted.

Clarence, this was Deltons insurance man, he could give all the information that he would need for shaping the insurance program he had in mind.

This is the group, that Delton has assembled, individually, to bounce ideas off of in the past and he has always been very pleased with the group. This however is much larger of an undertaking, this is why he brought them all together at this discussion.

Clarence arrives first, "hey Delton whats up, Jeannie told me you had an idea, and needed a little insurance advice. Is everything alright? Are you thinking of upgrading your life insurance?

Delton." no Clarence, nothing that complicated, much worse, (he chuckles) I have this idea and I want to wait until I get all you guys together and kind of, just bounce it around. I have Dell. James and Tommy coming too.

Clarence, " not Tommy, why in the hell are you dealing with him? Haven't you learned your lesson dealing with him, hell, last time he cost you several grand. Remember that?"

Delton,"yeah I do, but you don't know everything involved, Tommy had told me that his friend, the one that was going to build the truck stop, had a very checkered past. It was my decision to not listen to my gut, I guess, I had dollar signs in my head, anyway it clouded my thinking, That's in the past, I learned my lesson, lets just move on."

Clarence, "ok, Delton it's your ball game, what ever you do, is fine with me, I'll just listen to this thing, and whatever help I can give I will. Sound good?"

Delton, "yep, that's what I wanted to hear, let's just try to stay on the same page here. I really believe you will like this, and if it's half as good as I think it is, we can all make a good chunk of change."

Dell arrives and walks onto the front porch.
"hey guys, the gang all here" (slightly laughing)"Clarence I haven't seen you for a while, how's the fanily, and insurance biz."

Clarence, " all is well, except I know you cheap skate attorneys, always need more insurance." (laughs)

Dell, "and how is your will, maybe I need to look at that."

Delton,"ok you two enough, about past wives. (laughs)  I need you two to get clear headed before Tommy and James get here, this may take a while."

James and Tommy arrive together. Entering the front door, talking and smiling.

Tommy and Clarence, glare at each other for a second.

Delton." glad to see you guys, these two have been boring me to tears, and I really am excited to see what ya'll think of my idea, hopefully with everyones help, we can all make a little money."

The guys all get quiet and look at each other, each looks as puzzled as the other.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Little Inetrlude Sneak preview

I have decided to take a little break.
I have also decided to do a little sneak preview here.
Most of you, have been following me for a while.
I will share here the story that I am writing for a screen play purpose, any and all suggestions and comment will be truly appreciated.
Screen plays are written in a much different fomat and is really foreign to me, I am suppose to be receiving soon the soft ware that converts it for me.
I hope you enjoy this story line.
ps. realize this is a rough draft

The story you are about to read has copy rights, in place, and pending protection for intellectual property:

The Year Is 2015-
Nothing set in stone

The opening scene:

The character exits the court house, there are crowds of people amassed at the bottom of the long set of stairs. 
Some people cheering, some are booing and hissing,
Some have hate signs, some have love signs, but there are thousands of people.
The man descends the stairs not waving or in any way acknowledging the crowd, He is whisked into a waiting limo and drives away.
Now the story begins.

Fade back to:
The year is 2009, December 21.
The man is sitting on his front porch reading the paper, and spots an article about impending doom.

He waits for his friend that delivers the mail, he shows him the story.
His friend relates to him that he is more than aware of all of this news and hoopla, as he has been delivering all of these survival books for weeks, that are all related to surviving this impending doom that is coming in the year of 2012.

He tells him that there has even been a movie that was recently released, all types of TV shows, books about how all these scientist, scholars, preachers, rabbis, historians, and on and on, are all relating the end of the world has been designated as of December21,2012.

He has never heard any of this before.
It gets him to thinking about a similar event that happened in 1999, about the Y2K thing and all the money that was made from this non-eventful scenario.

Fear sells, and he wants to cash in, but how?
He research's diligently for several months, contacts many of the doomsday experts, then devises his plan.

He will introduce a survival insurance program, that will be expressly designed as a program for 20012, survival,  guaranteed.

He will build vehicles, similar to the shuttle craft, some for passengers, some for food, some for building supplies, some for fuel, etc...etc.

He will sell different packages for different people and the closer it gets to the doomsday date the higher the price.

The package will include rights for safe passage, living quarters, food, and fuel.
There are even packages that will include special space available for personal affects.

He gets all the builders of these shuttle craft together, procures the property for launching, builds warehouses.

Then starts recruiting people that have the money to back his venture.
The advertisement campaign is over whelmed with interest, The money flows in like a flood.

People are literally going crazy to become passengers and clients.
He makes trillions of dollars.

As the date nears for doomsday there is a frenzy, and he is being referred to as a modern day Noah.

How he got there:

Research is very important for the implementation of a successful plan.

Delton is a man of limited resources, but a wealth of imagination and ambition.
He realizes that there are only a few times in the length of a mans live, that presents itself with an opportunity to grab the brass ring. This he feels is his time.

The Mayans had written a calendar that was remarkably accurate, it fore told of many happenings, was further advanced than any found in existence. It fore told of eclipses, the coming of the Spaniards, and many other documented events.
This calendar ends in the year 2012.

Nostradamus, predicts "the great king of terror from the sky", this coincides with mars moving closer to earth, and the discovery of a planet of comets.

Edagar Cayce, another well known teller of prophecies,"the sleeping prophet",
predicts of a polar shift, between 2007 and 2012.

The Hopi Indians, talk of a third world that is destroyed by mother nature, this coincides with, Cayce, Nostradomus, and the Mayans.

The Oracles, all around the world many of the ancient oracles, Greek and Chinese, all talk of then end of time.

The encoded bible supposedly point out the destruction of the earth with a comet.

N.A.S.A., predicts solar flare and a polar shift, coinciding with the year 2012.

The Egyptians, have what is called "the orion" prophecies wit a hidden code found in the pyramids, that coincide with the Myan calendar.

Delton, after researching all of these predictions, prophecies, and coincidences, comes to the conclusion of mass hysteria.
Fear sells, he thinks, and this is a perfect formula for success, as he reflects on 1999 and the Y2K, events.

So, How to cash in, with out anyone getting hurt?
Can I make money from all of this, and still keep everyone happy?

this is just the first installation
more later...........or as they say
to be continued

Saturday, November 28, 2009

On my memory not that I can remember

For Thanksgiving and Christmas I was gonna write about the most memorable or forgetable depending on how you want to look at it.
I don't remember any thanksgivings while I was younger, the only ones that I really remember are the last few that I have been through.
I cooked a turkey and ham on the grill last year, made all the fixings, including  the deviled eggs and cranberry sauce.
I had it all prepped the night before, got up early, only to find out, the woman that I thought I dearly loved, was not even here.
She had taken off some time during the night, had someone pick her up, so much for the joys of Thanksgiving I thought.
I fed her son, and the rest of the people that did show up, as for me I was too upset to eat a bite.
She showed up three days later. So much for those memories, it was just a replay of the last eight in a row.

Funny thing, I thought I would remember more about Christmases, but I really only remember two.

The first one was when I was around eight years old.
We lived in San Antonio, Texas. Mom and dad were really strapped for money that year.
My sisters were politicing for the new Barbie dolls, and doll houses, and other toys as well.

Mom and dad bought all the toys they wanted, the tree had nothing under the tree with my name on it.
I guess the signs of disappointment showed in my face and actions, mom said not to worry, there was still time for mine.
 On Christmas eve, under the tree, there were all kind of wrapped presents with my name on them, I could hardly sleep that night.
When I woke, I ran to the tree and started tearing in, there were little toy cars and trucks all individually wrapped, there must have been around twenty of them.
When I got older I asked mom about that Christmas, and she smile and said that she remembered it. Her and dad, had bought those packaged sets, opened them all and wrapped them that way so that it would look like I was getting the mother lode, and it worked.
That is the only Christmas that I remember as a youngster.

When, I was twenty or twenty one, I can't really remember, I was still on drugs around this time. I was on a barge pushing boat working on the Mississippi River. We had a tow that left New Orleans, heading for Ohio, pushing around twenty barges. This is really hard physical work, but I needed the money.

On the river unlike the sea, you pass small towns as you travel.
You hear sounds of life, and see lights at night, it makes one start thinking about what is happening out there, and what am I missing, and why am I on this boat?

The depression sets in, all you can think of is better times, family, and getting stoned.
I told the captain that when we hit the next port, I was getting off.
I was informed, that there was not a replacement for me and that I would have to stay on.
Well, anyone that knows me or has ever known me, knows that those are restrictions, and I have never lived with restrictions. When we got to the port at Vicksburg, I got off, it was Christmas eve, no car, no money, and it was cold.

I remembered that a friend of mine from high school had moved to Vicksburg, so I looked up his number.
I called him and apologized for calling on Christmas eve, and explained to him what had happened, and what I had done. Not only did he understand but he also came and picked me up, gave me a place to stay, and fronted me the money for a bus ride home. Now that is a true friend.

I would love to say that I remember a Christmas with my children, but for the life of me, I can not remember even one. My memory has been in a shutdown mode, ever since I had the accident off shore, I remember things with th help of friends and family, but on my own I have very little recollection of most happenings.

I am tired now so off  to bed, will write more later.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Living in Enid some of what I remember

I started this site as a release, and sorta kinda as a biography to leave to my son and grandson.
My side of the family has always been a little more of a mystery, than my mothers side, and my sons mothers side.
Lately he has started asking a lot of questions about the family, I made a decision to try and gather as much information as I can, for him, an give him as much as I can remember from my life at the same time.
Thank you all for being the support team in this endeavor.

I was born in Oklahoma City, and truly have no memories until the age of five.
My dad entered the Air force training program in Enid, Oklahoma.
I was very sick and had to go to the hospital. I had rheumatic fever, and my parenst thought I would not make it.
Fooled them though, I guess they were stuck with me a while longer.

In Enid, we lived next to a grocery store, I mean right next door, and down the street, this old man had a potato chip factory.
Now this was a new novelty then, and they were good, nothing like the ones we have now though. These were a big treat, and the old man liked me, so, he would always give mom and dad a huge paper sack full, and say "make sure that yougun gits some of these", I guess he thought mom and dad would eat them all up.

I went to the first grade here, learned to skate here, and got my arm caught in one of those old ringer washing machines here. It was one that my dad had just bought for my mom. I was down where they had it hooked up,  I decided that I could operate it. When those old ringers started rolling, it teased me just enough, that I wanted to feel the rollers go around, I stuck my hand up to them, big mistake, it sucked in my fingers, and before I knew it my whole arm was caught up inside the damn thing.
I started yelling like a six year old yells, here came mom and dad, was I lucky they said, yeah lucky dad didn't beat me to death for this stupid stunt.

I was always into something, and my sisters were the biggest tattle tales that you could ever meet. I was the poor little innocent, sickly son, that almost died. I always knew I had an ace up my sleeve, even at this young age.I'm not saying everything was rosy, just that I got away with a lot and knew it.

My sisters , one older, Margaret, one younger,Jody, it did not matter what I did, they were bound and determined to get me into trouble. They taught me the art of pay-back,yep, and I learned it early on.

I talked Margaret, into locking me in a trunk, she did.
Not too bright on my part right, mom passed by it on the way to the washing room, and heard me screaming.
She asked how I got in there, I told her that Margaret had locked me in there and I couldn't breath.
Poor, Margaret, she was always my favorite target.
More to follow.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

!st Post You may not like me after this.

My first recollection of any happening in my life was not that glorious.
I remember being in the hospital and they had me in an ice bath for an extremely high fever.
I knew right then, Hey I'm hot, but alas it was just the fever.

My father was a military man, every three years or so, we packed up and moved some where new.
It is a strange life for a kid, always either making friends fast or having to fight some one much bigger, to prove a point. What the point was I never knew. So, at a very early age it was easier to be the class clown or act as stupid as possible, if people thought you were slow, you could really find out things about them, as you are not considered a threat.

My father was assigned in North Africa, Tripoli, Libya, at Whellus Air Force base.
We lived there for the better part of six years.
We traveled all over the Mediteranian, visited all of the countries both in North Africa, and Europe.

When we returned state side, well, I never quite fit in.
Too small for football, and soccer was not yet popular, so sports was out of the question.
I was in the tenth grade in Michigan, eleventh grade in Arkansas, and graduated the Texas.
Then went to college in Louisiana.

I became a needle freak in the tenth grade, a little just to cope, and a lot just because I was lost.
So from the time I was fifteen until I was twenty one, I was hooked on some hard drugs.

I never wrote anything, other than my excuse slips for school.
It is a miracle that I even graduated, oh I made good enough grades, but I never had a desire to do anything.

Then, one night, when I was trippin on some L.S.D. I stood and watched my best friend die.
Right in front of me, while I was stoned, in a Bob world stupor, my friend Bernie died.
Not cool, not fun, and most of all unforgettable.
What to do now?

After Bernie Died

After Bernie died, I locked my self in my apartment, stayed there three days.
Jonesed like hell, and took a long hard look at me.
I decided if I didn't want to end up like Bernie, then I needed a life altering plan.

I disassociated my self with all of the people that I was involved with, basically became a hermit.
I went back to Louisiana, got on a tug boat, and did not get off for six months.
Worked my ass off every day during that time, just trying to find out who I was.

I went back to school, finished my degree, in of all things, Speech Therapy.
Go ahead laugh your ass off, I know, here we go again.

I was clean for the first time in six years, and I have stayed clean ever since.
Nothing I am either proud of nor ashamed of, nothing I can do about it now any way.

I have always felt like life was nothing more than what you chose for it to be any way.
I mean, you are where you are in your life because you chose to be there.

Ok, I see your eyes rolling from that statement, but think about it a minute.
Is there any thing in your life, besides breathing and eventually dying, that you do not have the power to chose what it is you do?
You don't have to get up and go to work every day, its not like some one is going to show up, get you out of bed, dress you, give you a bath, brush your teeth, just so you show up.

You don't have to clean the house and get the kids to school. Hell, let the mess pile up and let the kids sleep in.
You don't even have to pay taxes, there are a lot of people in jail that have proven that.
Got the picture.
You are who you are and yo are where you are because you choose to be there.

This is the lesson I learned the hard way, yes Bernie died, Yes I was stoned.
But my choice was to not end up in that place.

Welcome to the Hang Out

Well if you made it here you can make it any where!
This is a kinda hide out and refuge.
Some of you may not know this
I kinda get over whelmed at times
go into this little anxiety 
I put together 
this little site just for my thoughts ,
the ones I 
kinda keep to my self.
Hope you like it.
I am gonna put together a couple of post at a time
These are my favorite people.
And this is the short 

PICKS susan from roni

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Aion wrote...

I still remember my deckhand days lol.. (many years ago..!) that was way too funny. Great Memories!Thanks for bringing them back...

plainolebob wrote...

Uber, we fished at the rigs and platforms, the fish were every wher thereBen, my dad had loads of stories, mostly about the officers,lolSecertia, Wanna go fishin? lol

Secretia wrote...

Good old pranks for offshore fun, you fishermen, ha ha.

Bendigo wrote...

Lol..You brought back so many military memories with that post...Thanks a's another award to add to that wall of recognition you have... Thanks for all you do...

UberGrumpy wrote...

Harharhar! Great post. Remind me never to go fishing with you

plainolebob wrote...

Farila, maybe some day,lolLenore, lol, now you are discovered as wellCarmen, for me, man you and AlpHa, and at the same time,omg

Carmen wrote...

Bob you have an award from me to you :)


That's one prank LOLgreat way to discover your blog!L*

Farila wrote...

LOL.. You on Youtube is a great idea..

plainolebob wrote...

thank you all for visiting Miss Rae, and all of your kind words

plainolebob wrote...

John, i fell for the sky hook thing,lolMiss Rae, I am so happy that you got to laff, how is Piper?

Rae wrote...

There is a fool born every minute and you sure found that one. What a great prank. I bet he never lived it down. Just can't trust old dogs like you. Loved this post. My best laugh of the day.

john wrote...

lmao bob, those were the good ol days. i remember when i cut a 2x4 too short and sent the new guy to go get the board stretcher, he'd know what it looks like when he found it. 30 minutes later i...

plainolebob wrote...

Carmen, the engineers are the funniestAlpHa, thanks you, yep an ole tarHunter he had it coming, he was new, he will pass it on lol

Hunter wrote...

You dressed that poor guy up like the Tin Man? Too funny.

AlpHa Buttonpusher wrote...

Hey there sailor, there's a little something for you on my blog:)

Carmen wrote...

Oh dear. You and my Dad would so get on! I've heard many a tale like this. He was an engineer on trawlers and subs and I definitely have heard many an initiation tale followed by much guffawing....

plainolebob wrote...

Heidi, thanks for stopping byMike, I wouldn't have let you off that easy,lolLee,this was a true story, all the new guys fall for it, and the old dogs get a really big chuckle

Lee the Hot Flash Queen wrote...

I was waiting to see what you were going to make him do! Don't you love enthusiasm, such an easy target!

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats wrote...

What are you saying. I'm all ready, I got my tinfoil on and the pot and hangers are already to go. LOL
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