Thursday, November 19, 2009

Welcome to the Hang Out

Well if you made it here you can make it any where!
This is a kinda hide out and refuge.
Some of you may not know this
I kinda get over whelmed at times
go into this little anxiety 
I put together 
this little site just for my thoughts ,
the ones I 
kinda keep to my self.
Hope you like it.
I am gonna put together a couple of post at a time
These are my favorite people.
And this is the short 

PICKS susan from roni

this does not exclude these

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and these

Aion wrote...

I still remember my deckhand days lol.. (many years ago..!) that was way too funny. Great Memories!Thanks for bringing them back...

plainolebob wrote...

Uber, we fished at the rigs and platforms, the fish were every wher thereBen, my dad had loads of stories, mostly about the officers,lolSecertia, Wanna go fishin? lol

Secretia wrote...

Good old pranks for offshore fun, you fishermen, ha ha.

Bendigo wrote...

Lol..You brought back so many military memories with that post...Thanks a's another award to add to that wall of recognition you have... Thanks for all you do...

UberGrumpy wrote...

Harharhar! Great post. Remind me never to go fishing with you

plainolebob wrote...

Farila, maybe some day,lolLenore, lol, now you are discovered as wellCarmen, for me, man you and AlpHa, and at the same time,omg

Carmen wrote...

Bob you have an award from me to you :)


That's one prank LOLgreat way to discover your blog!L*

Farila wrote...

LOL.. You on Youtube is a great idea..

plainolebob wrote...

thank you all for visiting Miss Rae, and all of your kind words

plainolebob wrote...

John, i fell for the sky hook thing,lolMiss Rae, I am so happy that you got to laff, how is Piper?

Rae wrote...

There is a fool born every minute and you sure found that one. What a great prank. I bet he never lived it down. Just can't trust old dogs like you. Loved this post. My best laugh of the day.

john wrote...

lmao bob, those were the good ol days. i remember when i cut a 2x4 too short and sent the new guy to go get the board stretcher, he'd know what it looks like when he found it. 30 minutes later i...

plainolebob wrote...

Carmen, the engineers are the funniestAlpHa, thanks you, yep an ole tarHunter he had it coming, he was new, he will pass it on lol

Hunter wrote...

You dressed that poor guy up like the Tin Man? Too funny.

AlpHa Buttonpusher wrote...

Hey there sailor, there's a little something for you on my blog:)

Carmen wrote...

Oh dear. You and my Dad would so get on! I've heard many a tale like this. He was an engineer on trawlers and subs and I definitely have heard many an initiation tale followed by much guffawing....

plainolebob wrote...

Heidi, thanks for stopping byMike, I wouldn't have let you off that easy,lolLee,this was a true story, all the new guys fall for it, and the old dogs get a really big chuckle

Lee the Hot Flash Queen wrote...

I was waiting to see what you were going to make him do! Don't you love enthusiasm, such an easy target!

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats wrote...

What are you saying. I'm all ready, I got my tinfoil on and the pot and hangers are already to go. LOL
and these

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Its just well
its just
I wanted a space that
I could
and see all the lovely
people that I write for
I am
Now that you know I am totally nuts.
I will
down something on a regular
type of post.


  1. what?! i thought i was your favorite one. what do you mean there are others???

    ok, can't wait to see what you're going to say here. (are you trying to tell me that i shared too much on my blog and that i should hide it here?)

  2. I found your hiding place first! You old devil!
    I syill think that you are one of the most amazing men that I have ever met! I admire you so much, and all the things that you have been through in your life has only gone to show that whatever you have done in your life, you can always put them right! And, as you once told me, there are plenty of arms out here to hold you, and plenty of hands to help you out! I never forgot those words, and now it's your turn. We are all here for you!
    Big hugs!

  3. Don't be silly Sarah, I'M is favorite one! :)

    Now off to the basement with you Sarah


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