Thursday, November 19, 2009

!st Post You may not like me after this.

My first recollection of any happening in my life was not that glorious.
I remember being in the hospital and they had me in an ice bath for an extremely high fever.
I knew right then, Hey I'm hot, but alas it was just the fever.

My father was a military man, every three years or so, we packed up and moved some where new.
It is a strange life for a kid, always either making friends fast or having to fight some one much bigger, to prove a point. What the point was I never knew. So, at a very early age it was easier to be the class clown or act as stupid as possible, if people thought you were slow, you could really find out things about them, as you are not considered a threat.

My father was assigned in North Africa, Tripoli, Libya, at Whellus Air Force base.
We lived there for the better part of six years.
We traveled all over the Mediteranian, visited all of the countries both in North Africa, and Europe.

When we returned state side, well, I never quite fit in.
Too small for football, and soccer was not yet popular, so sports was out of the question.
I was in the tenth grade in Michigan, eleventh grade in Arkansas, and graduated the Texas.
Then went to college in Louisiana.

I became a needle freak in the tenth grade, a little just to cope, and a lot just because I was lost.
So from the time I was fifteen until I was twenty one, I was hooked on some hard drugs.

I never wrote anything, other than my excuse slips for school.
It is a miracle that I even graduated, oh I made good enough grades, but I never had a desire to do anything.

Then, one night, when I was trippin on some L.S.D. I stood and watched my best friend die.
Right in front of me, while I was stoned, in a Bob world stupor, my friend Bernie died.
Not cool, not fun, and most of all unforgettable.
What to do now?


  1. This is a crazy story! I am so glad you were able to straighten out. A lot of others in your shoes wouldn't have learned a lesson from their friends death. Thanks for sharing!


    I love that you're sharing this w/ us... talk about even MORE followers. People will gravitate towards this like crazy.

    When did you start this blog? Is it taking the place of the other one/two?

    Thanks for stopping by CYM and letting me in on the story.


  3. that was a difficult childhood. and what a horrible lesson to see your friend die. the things we had to go through to grow up...

  4. Wow!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing that story - had no idea, obviously. How long have you had this blog?

  5. We all have pasts where we are not always proud of parts of our lives. Whether that past was created by us, or another person shaped it.

  6. See Bob, when we talked about this, I told you that you wouldn't drive people away...they would love you even more! I still think that you are one of the most amazing men that I've ever met, and I admire you all the more for doing it!
    You can lie to other people, and tell your tall tales, but you cannot lie to yourself. It takes a great man to do that.
    Big Hugs!

  7. Mr Bob. Hey buddy, Great new blogspot you got here. Thank you for sharing this great story about life with everyone. Yes life. Bernie may have lost a horrible war but you didn't. You won the war and continued on and i'm so glad you did.

  8. Okay you hooked me into coming here. I had to take a peek. Hope you don't mind, because I am going to be hanging around here quite a bit. I love that you are opening yourself up. You are so amazing and I have such deep regard and respect for you. You represent many of us and the pasts that we have lived through. Thank you my dear friend. (((Hugs)))

  9. Sorry about the comment thing, I hope it is working correctly now

  10. Nice new place you have here. Safe and cozy. I'll be back :)

  11. I think it's always fascinating to be able to live in other countries... Good stories to share Bob!

  12. Wow Bob what a crazy story!
    Thanks for sharing, and i am glad you won the war(not only the battle).You're great!
    and i love you!
    hugs hugs


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