Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Living in Enid some of what I remember

I started this site as a release, and sorta kinda as a biography to leave to my son and grandson.
My side of the family has always been a little more of a mystery, than my mothers side, and my sons mothers side.
Lately he has started asking a lot of questions about the family, I made a decision to try and gather as much information as I can, for him, an give him as much as I can remember from my life at the same time.
Thank you all for being the support team in this endeavor.

I was born in Oklahoma City, and truly have no memories until the age of five.
My dad entered the Air force training program in Enid, Oklahoma.
I was very sick and had to go to the hospital. I had rheumatic fever, and my parenst thought I would not make it.
Fooled them though, I guess they were stuck with me a while longer.

In Enid, we lived next to a grocery store, I mean right next door, and down the street, this old man had a potato chip factory.
Now this was a new novelty then, and they were good, nothing like the ones we have now though. These were a big treat, and the old man liked me, so, he would always give mom and dad a huge paper sack full, and say "make sure that yougun gits some of these", I guess he thought mom and dad would eat them all up.

I went to the first grade here, learned to skate here, and got my arm caught in one of those old ringer washing machines here. It was one that my dad had just bought for my mom. I was down where they had it hooked up,  I decided that I could operate it. When those old ringers started rolling, it teased me just enough, that I wanted to feel the rollers go around, I stuck my hand up to them, big mistake, it sucked in my fingers, and before I knew it my whole arm was caught up inside the damn thing.
I started yelling like a six year old yells, here came mom and dad, was I lucky they said, yeah lucky dad didn't beat me to death for this stupid stunt.

I was always into something, and my sisters were the biggest tattle tales that you could ever meet. I was the poor little innocent, sickly son, that almost died. I always knew I had an ace up my sleeve, even at this young age.I'm not saying everything was rosy, just that I got away with a lot and knew it.

My sisters , one older, Margaret, one younger,Jody, it did not matter what I did, they were bound and determined to get me into trouble. They taught me the art of pay-back,yep, and I learned it early on.

I talked Margaret, into locking me in a trunk, she did.
Not too bright on my part right, mom passed by it on the way to the washing room, and heard me screaming.
She asked how I got in there, I told her that Margaret had locked me in there and I couldn't breath.
Poor, Margaret, she was always my favorite target.
More to follow.


  1. My Nan had one of those ringers, wincing here just reading that. It must be a boy thing - I always remember my Dad telling me they coaxed their younger brother, my uncle, into a cement mixer and turned it on because they thought it would be like a merry-go-round... broke his arm and they got chased up the road by their Dad and his belt :D

  2. This is a nice idea of logging your past for your son.

  3. Great stories! Thanks for sharing them! I have a little girl who is like this. She gets into everything and some how gets her sister to take the fall. I don't get tough on my oldest daughter though. I am on to my young one! She will blame her sister even when her sister spent the whole day at school!

  4. Oh, Bob, you have so many stories to tell! I am so glad that I met you! You worry about me, and are there for me to talk to, and I really feel so deeply for you. I was one of your very first followers, and I admire you very much. You have been with me through some tough times with me and always showing an interest in everything that I have done. I worry about you so much, you old devil, but you know that you are loved and admired by so many people. We all have our crosses to bear, and I am so worried that you have taken on too much, but Chris and your girls are there, and there is nothing like Family to see you through these things.
    Now you just take things easy, and look after yourself for a change. We will all still be here for you, and I'm scared incase you end up n hospital again. So, please take things a bit slower and do as the Doctor tell you!
    Now, I've had my say, so do as you are told!
    Big hugs! A.I.W.


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