Thursday, December 3, 2009

Delton gets together a few close friends for a brainstorming session, a very diverse group, friends he has known for various reasons.

Dell, a lawyer that he went to school with. They have been friends since middle school and know how the other one thinks. Dell keeps Delton in line when he begins to stray.

James, a past business partner, from when Delton was building houses. The most trust worthy, when it came to business, that Delton had ever met, or knew.

Tommy, owner of several night clubs, knew the ins and outs, and was well informed on current government dealings. Delton relied on him for inside contacts, as Tommy had many, although they were not all to be trusted.

Clarence, this was Deltons insurance man, he could give all the information that he would need for shaping the insurance program he had in mind.

This is the group, that Delton has assembled, individually, to bounce ideas off of in the past and he has always been very pleased with the group. This however is much larger of an undertaking, this is why he brought them all together at this discussion.

Clarence arrives first, "hey Delton whats up, Jeannie told me you had an idea, and needed a little insurance advice. Is everything alright? Are you thinking of upgrading your life insurance?

Delton." no Clarence, nothing that complicated, much worse, (he chuckles) I have this idea and I want to wait until I get all you guys together and kind of, just bounce it around. I have Dell. James and Tommy coming too.

Clarence, " not Tommy, why in the hell are you dealing with him? Haven't you learned your lesson dealing with him, hell, last time he cost you several grand. Remember that?"

Delton,"yeah I do, but you don't know everything involved, Tommy had told me that his friend, the one that was going to build the truck stop, had a very checkered past. It was my decision to not listen to my gut, I guess, I had dollar signs in my head, anyway it clouded my thinking, That's in the past, I learned my lesson, lets just move on."

Clarence, "ok, Delton it's your ball game, what ever you do, is fine with me, I'll just listen to this thing, and whatever help I can give I will. Sound good?"

Delton, "yep, that's what I wanted to hear, let's just try to stay on the same page here. I really believe you will like this, and if it's half as good as I think it is, we can all make a good chunk of change."

Dell arrives and walks onto the front porch.
"hey guys, the gang all here" (slightly laughing)"Clarence I haven't seen you for a while, how's the fanily, and insurance biz."

Clarence, " all is well, except I know you cheap skate attorneys, always need more insurance." (laughs)

Dell, "and how is your will, maybe I need to look at that."

Delton,"ok you two enough, about past wives. (laughs)  I need you two to get clear headed before Tommy and James get here, this may take a while."

James and Tommy arrive together. Entering the front door, talking and smiling.

Tommy and Clarence, glare at each other for a second.

Delton." glad to see you guys, these two have been boring me to tears, and I really am excited to see what ya'll think of my idea, hopefully with everyones help, we can all make a little money."

The guys all get quiet and look at each other, each looks as puzzled as the other.


  1. Great! Can not wait to read more!

    I have something for you! I am so happy! Finally I got one you don't have, well at least not on this blog! LOL!

  2. Good Bob...a wee bit slow on the forward momentum of the plot, not horrendous, just a wee bit...

    Don't let the dialogue stunt the plot progression if you can...


  3. P.S. I've got all THREE of your blogs listed on my B3 Favourite Blogs List!!!


  4. Man, you are quite a writer! I just stumbled upon this new blog. You go! Write on!

    You must write a whole book!!!

  5. Hey Bob! Where are you? We've not heard from you for ages!

  6. Don't know where you're headed with it, but you're off to a good start!

  7. I tried to tell you yesterday how much I enjoyed your writing, but it didn't seem to take. Today I see you're my new follower. (Imagine the theme from "Twilight Zone" playing quietly.)

  8. am working on this story the next couple of days,and will release more as finished


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