Sunday, January 31, 2010

haitis' song

i saw the tears in your eyes
i felt your heart beat in the rubble
when you sang your song
i sang along
you have had a rough go
and you thought we didnt know
you thought we wouldnt care
but in your trouble you find us there
not too funny what has come your way
not even a place left for the children to play
tent cities are the sky scrapers you see there now
small reminders of how it never was
cardboard and plastic
concrete and mud
all come crashing down in a moment
i see your tears
i feel your heart beat in the rubble
when you sing your song
i sing along


  1. Very moving, Bob. You wonder why these things happen, but then you hear of some miracle like a child or an old woman being pulled out of the rubble, and you think that someone must have been watching over then for them to have survived at all!
    When tragedies like this happen,these little miracles always happen.
    Take care, Big Big Hugs!

  2. now all i need is a .wav file so i can listen...

  3. Very moving! This was a tragedy that affected a lot of people.

    Dad and I passed an Award on to you

    xoxo Nicole :)

  4. Awesome, Bob. Everyone loves you for a reason!

  5. that really paints a small picture of the pain and heartbreak I feel bob. as always, i couldnt say it half a well

  6. Well said. We all feel for them...and most of us feel so helpless.

  7. Really a wonderful poem, I love the heart beating beneath the rubble.. ha

  8. amazing, so relevant and poignant to the tragic occurrence.


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